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Event Overview

Environmental and climate change impact topics including clean and renewable energy, sustainable development, ecological conservation and protection, CO2 emission and pollution control, and food and water security are amongst the top key items on most countries’ agendas.

Creating strategies, roadmaps and technologies that address environmental issues, adaptation and mitigation measures, and sustainable development are not only critical, but vital to the survival of the human race. Some topics which were once viewed as measures for protecting the future generations, are now priorities for today, as rapid urbanization and population growth in absence of sustainable measures have led to a rapid destruction of the planet’s equilibrium, and in a nutshell, we have less time than once assumed.

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Event Target Outcomes

Supporting Egypt’s role
in the preparation for
Climate Change CoP27
Improving collaboration amongst the region’s decision makers and environment and sustainable development decision makers and experts
Developing recommendations
for the CoP27
Sharm El Sheikh
Driving technology
innovation and advancement
in environment
Identifying key
challenges faced
in the region and
the best sustainable
development strategies
to overcome them

Event Format & Focus

Summary of Events at EDF

Event in Numbers

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Who will Attend

Forum and Expo Themes

For climate change adaptation & mitigation

  • Water & Climate Change
  • Water sector climate change adaptation measures
  • Climate‐Smart water management
  • Water Desalination Technologies
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment & Re‐use
  • Smart Asset Management
  • Water Monitoring Equipment & Solutions
  • Agriculture Water Savings Techniques
  • Urban Water Saving devices
  • Industrial Water Recycling and Saving Technologies
  • Water Network Technologies
  • Water Services, Project Management & Consultancy
  • Open Channel & Piped Water Metering Devices
  • Atmospheric Water Generation Equipment
  • Storm Water Management
  • Transboundary Climate Impacts on Water
  • State of the Water Reports

  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Preservation
  • Nature-based Solutions
  • Sea Level Rise Solutions
  • Renewable Energy for Biodiversity

  • Alternatives of cement
  • Energy efficiency in industrial process
  • Mitigation Measures in Industry
  • Technology Transfer
  • Research and Development in Industrial Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Smart Meters & Monitoring
  • 3D Printing

  • Waste Management Service Providers
  • Waste Management Solutions & Equipment
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Industry & Hazardous Waste management
  • Recycling & Biodegradables
  • Organic Waste Treatment
  • Electronic Waste Management
  • Waste Management Sector Climate Change
  • Mitigation Measures

  • Agriculture, Food Security & Climate Change
  • Agriculture Sector Climate Change Adaptation Measures
  • Climate-Smart & Precision Agriculture
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices

  • Solar Energy Technologies and Solutions
    • - Thermal/CSP, O&M Services
    • - PV (Inverters, Tracking and Mounting)
    • - Floating, Rooftop and Building Integrated PV
  • Renewable Energy
  • Mini Hydropower Facilities
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage Systems and Technologies
  • Smart Grids
  • Oil & Gas Clean Energy
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Energy Sector Climate Change
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Energy CRE

  • Electric Vehicles & Charging Stations
  • Hydrogen Vehicles & Charging Stations
  • Smart Mobility Solutions
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Driverless Cars & Flying Taxis
  • E-Mobility

  • Sustainable Growth and Climate Change
  • Smart Mobility Solutions
  • Smart & Energy Efficient Building Technology
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Air Quality & Pollution
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation Solutions
  • Climate‐smart Infrastructure
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Smart Meters & Monitoring
  • 3D Printing
  • Smart City Kiosks
  • Urban Sector Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Measures
  • Green cities

Forum & Expo Cross Cutting Solutions, Issues and Tools

For climate change adaptation & mitigation

  • Adaptation
  • Mitigation
  • Decarbonization
  • Environmental Governance
  • Local Communities Participation
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • Resilient Infrastructure
  • Capacity Development
  • Environment & Climate Education
  • Land Use Planning

  • Gender
  • Youth & Civil Society Roles
  • Risk Management & Emergency Response

  • Finance
  • Science & Innovation
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Knowledge Management
  • Earth Observations Systems
  • Instrumentation, Meteorology & Analysis
  • State of the Environment Reports
  • Global Environment Outlooks
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Mapping
  • Climate Change Assessment Reports
  • Climate Change Modeling
  • Global & Regional Circulation Models
  • Green Financing
  • Financial Engineering Frameworks
  • Atlas’ Development
  • Atlas’ Development
  • Social Media
  • Media
  • Public Awareness

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Preliminary Program at a Glance

Environment & Development Forum 2022     11-13 September 2022, Cairo, Egypt

EDF Expo & Floor Plan

The Forum will witness a constantly evolving Expo that confirms its position as a platform for meetings and modern solutions that enable business transactions and the presentation of new technologies in the environment & sustainability sector.

To exhibit at EDF 2022, please contact or call +971-4 568 4456 / +971-52 969 7209

Why Get Involved at EDF

Meet and shortlist the best business partner that can represent your organization in the region

Demonstrate how you have successfully helped other security agencies through your solutions.
Keep up-to-date with market trends and identify new business opportunities.
Multiple opportunities to increase your brand visibility, before during and after the event.
Use the exhibition floor to demonstrate your latest products and technologies.
Multiple opportunities to increase your brand visibility, before during and after the event.

Opportunities to participate

We only work with the best to offer the best to our customers. EDF is a great platform to get your message across to your target audience. Whether you are looking to educate your target market, launch a new product or increase your branding and visibility, our team will work closely with you to develop a package that suits your requirements and helps you stand out in this space.

We have a diverse range of sponsorship opportunities available; a member of the sponsorship team will work with you to create a bespoke package to suit your businesses objectives.

Below are a few available options.

  • Speaking slot in the main programme
  • Speaking slot in one of the forum streams
  • Seat on a panel discussion
  • Play corporate video to the audience for 2 minutes.
  • Lunch Sponsor for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3
  • Coffee Sponsor for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3
  • Product display area
  • Archway Sponsor
  • Information wall Sponsor
  • Registration Desk Sponsor
  • Event Stationery Sponsor
  • Lanyard Sponsor
  • Delegate Bag Sponsor
  • Branded Podium
  • Directional Signage
To exhibit at EDF 2022, please contact or call +971-4 568 4456 / +971-52 969 7209

EDF Awards

EDF awards are created to recognize and honor best practices in:

1. Waste Reduction Award

2. Towards Net Zero Award

3. Innovative Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation Product Award

4. Green Building Award

5. Best Water Savings and Reuse Award

Please Download Document for more information on EDF Awards

Please submit the Award Application Form along with requested documents.

Youth & Innovation Pavilion

We believe youth participation at EDF 2022 – The Road to Sharm El Sheikh CoP27 is key for ensuring effective dialogue, actions, and tangible solutions. EDF, through the exclusive Youth & Innovation Pavilion at the Expo, will highlight youth climate advocacy, promote innovative and sustainable solutions developed by students and showcase initiatives and work done towards addressing climate change and environmental challenges.

We invite students from universities and schools in the region and outside to join the Youth Pavilion. Each university/school will be provided with three complimentary student passes and a tabletop space for exhibiting and demonstrating their climate awareness/environmental development projects.

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